SuperCPPS Released in English

Welcome to SuperCPPS, English Community!

Beta Testing Party does not start until March 1st around 3AM SuperCPPS time.

SuperCPPS has officially released in English! The SuperCPPS Team would like to officially welcome the English Community to SuperCPPS! We have been working hard to bring English to SuperCPPS. You might experience some bugs with English but we are working hard to squash them. We are still working on things and translating them so please work with us on this.

SuperCPPS English BETA Party Announcement

SuperCPPS English is currently in beta which means there will still be a few things that we have to fix and we need your help to find them. – We are throwing a Beta Testing Party on March 1st at the Ice Berg and will end on March 10th.

You will be able to receive a Beta Hat and a Beta EN Background during this party. We will also be throwing special events and parties during this time. We will announce MOD Meet-ups on the blog in a few days.

Thank you to everyone who has played SuperCPPS and we hope to grow the community even more.

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    • Hola comuidad saludos para todos y les quiero decir que muchas bendiciones para todos y manden el día de su cumple!!!!.

      Para que toda la comunidad celebre con ustedes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Hey,i was trying to collect the free background for beta tester but when I pressed collect it wouldn’t load.Can you help me?

  • A bunch of the games names are already in english, but one of the localization switches doesnt work for hydro hopper at the dock. “saltos acuáticos”

  • Disclaimer: This is not criticism, just things I notice that hopefully will help make supercpps a better place in the english side, and maybe these will get a fix, I understand if some are going to be difficult. (I know the pain)

    Real bug i’m facing:
    I can’t progress with the story. It keeps on not letting me go to Fruit island even though I have finish the quest with the pineapple looking pin.

    Español to English Related Problems:

    The stadium should be called the pool

    some of the english doesnt work for the pirate battle with the crabs. ¡EMPATE!

    the only one that works is “OUCH!!!!”

    Map titles need to be fixed: “Isla de SuperCPPS” is “Island of SuperCPPS” but thats direct translation. Same with servidor and the button names, “Lugares” (Places), “Juegos” (Games), Tiendas (Shops)

    Loading screen messages (its weird because certain ones dont need to be translated, some are already in english and things that dont need a translation, like “Airhorn.wav”)

    Items with specific things in spanish “Te Amo” on the bear for example

    Spy phone, needs translation.

  • buenas ardes SuperCPPS vi unos errores y espero que lo arreglen ERRORES : el buscador de amigos no funciona , el agua grabber no funciona, solo esos errores vi en SuperCPPS y espero que lo arreglen chau

    DE: bony5679


    • Hello there, mangosteen. This is not a glitch, you can now change your mood through a command. Please type in !mood (desired mood here) and then hit enter. This will change your mood.

  • when i put a floor on my igglo it glitched and when i was goin on it it dosen’t let me in it just lags my forever in the loading screen PLZ FIX IT D: I HAVE A PUFFLE AND ITS GOIN TO DIE

  • Hello everyone! SuperJDN here. I have reported a few bugs in the game.
    1. First off, let’s start with my blue cape. When I wear it, it looks translucent. That doesn’t look alright.
    2. Another bug I noticed is that my name glow and profile mottos reset when I logged in for another time.
    3. Trying to do the EPF test. It doesn’t load at all, so I better wait until that bug is fixed so I can be a Super Agent!
    4. I tried to change the text color of my bubble in the Manager and it doesn’t work. Give it a fix too 🙂
    5. My puffle cannot be seen clearly on my picture in the log-in screen. It’s not showing his entire body. Uh oh!

    Anyways, I love this CPPS, great job on making it available to the English community. English and Spanish UNITE! 🙂

    P.S. I’m a Filipino too!

  • Hello! I’m dont think found a bug.

    Catalog de muebles at the English Version, there a bug. Now march, catalog at the Spanish Version at the February, but catalog at the English Version at the July.
    And i have problem. I dont can entered at the my igloo.

  • Bueno adios si no saben sobre los !af y ! Au se los mostrare si ponen !af y cualquier numero excepto que los numeros Sean mayores que 3000 esto tambien va para El !au osea si ponen !au y cualquier numero les sadra un iglu ademas solo se puede hasta El numero 100 para Los !af como te dije en la 2 escritura si phones un numero desbloquear un objeto Bueno adios fue un gusto hasablar con usetedes adios ????????

  • hola hay un bug en cuando me regalan la espada rubi dice no tiene suficientes monedas y se queda cargando y la tienda de mascotas muy lenta y no carga cuando abro la revista y no puedo completar la estampilla del rascacielos eso es en los dos super cpps espero que lo arreglen porfa y gracias

    DE: Saray007

    PARA: Equipo de SuperCpps

  • Heyho, I found some bugs:

    -In the Minigame Jetpack Adventure you’re able to continue the Level although you already gone Game Over and get stuck in a Loading (but you can Quit that Minigame).
    – When i buy Customes in the Stage it comes to a eternal Loading that I need to Refresh
    – Some Word replacements are still in Spainish

  • Cart Surfer is a bit bugged and the stamps aren’t translated, a lot of things generally aren’t translated. Otherwise, it looks really promising, keep it up :))

    • Hello there, Josh. Sorry about this. But I’m glad to tell you that this bug is now fixed. You can now go and defeat that crab, good luck!

  • there is a problem in the puffle shop when i adopted the puffle gold puffle cat and puffle dog do not charge fix it pls

  • 1. In the labyrinth inside the mine, near the point with a small penguin statue ruin it isn’t possible to pass it. The penguin gets stuck on the corner and can’t move further.

    2. On fruit island it’s impossible to proceed. The moment a penguin enters the first section, it resets and repeats the beginning of the fruit island encounter, making it impossible to defeat the third crab and continue. The second question also appears to be in spanish, as it starts with “Que”, but the answers are in english.

  • Hello, I am Prince88, but you can call me Jay if you want. I really like this CPPS but as everything, theres something bad in it. While playing I noticed a few bugs or errors which all they are show down:

    1)It doesnt load my iglu.

    2)In game items (shirts, gear, etc.) dont traduce text.

    3)While loading, the messages from the tour-guide-emoji arent traduced.

    And now a question: is there a way penguins that are interested (like me) can be mods/admins?

    Thanks for your attention

    I hope you become the greatest CPPS


  • So I was going through the mine maze and I realized that every screen disallowed clicking at the top of the screen. That meant that it was impossible to go through some areas – even what seemed to be the right way.

  • Hola a todos y todas

    SALUDOS ESPeCIALES: Luis fire, súper chico, hilario , anonymus, gael,kity,juanpa05,Juandi10, charizar,cool,Azula,azumi play, blaick,mazorca,jacku,chiiro,Azula12345,saanviy les deseo feliz dia
    A todos y todas agrengenme en su lista de amigos porfa

    TENGO MUY POCOS!!!!!!!!!

    Saanvi si lo estas viendo felicitaciones em también que te valla bien en este juego ya que eres nueva ven conmigo te daré algunos tipos para jugar SUPER CPPS!!!!!!!!!!

    Y gracias a todos y todas no olviden la fiesta de octubre para los que no tienen el puffle fantasma es su oportunidad yo los gui are ####(mentiras)

    Jijijijijjij, a pues creo que la fiesta es el 16 de octubre ojo con eso OCTUBRE!!!!!ñ

    Pues comunidad esperó que les vallan bien ,y otra cosita estudien el colegio bien no sea que pr estar jugando pierdan evelyaciones en entonces (OJO,CON EL ESTUDIO)



    Y los mas importante se an compañeros respentense como comunidad compsrtao con sus amigos de CPPS .


    =[] llego la hora de despedirme comunidad e inviten a otros para que juegan como se llama=)

    SUPER CPPS =| y no abandonen nuestro juego querido juengenlo disfruten lo mientras lo tengamos.

    BESoS COMuNIDAD!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :v :v :v chauuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!



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